Litigation Management Counsel (“LMC”) acts as National Litigation Counsel for self-insured corporations with repetitive litigation profiles, including premises liability, motor vehicle accident, and employment law litigation.

LMC’s unique approach to the National Litigation Counsel concept has many benefits for its clients, including improved litigation results, a marked reduction in litigation expenses, a consistent strategic approach, and predictability of litigation expenses for budgetary purposes.

All LMC attorneys who have supervisory responsibility for handling LMC’s clients’ cases have over twenty years of litigation experience, including substantial trial experience and prior employment with large law firms and insurance companies. In addition, LMC has a nationwide network of experienced local counsel which LMC has developed over many years by continuing to work with only those counsel who have proven to be efficient, cost effective and above all else extremely effective in obtaining great results. LMC directs the efforts of this network of counsel in its clients’ litigation matters throughout the country based upon LMC’s in depth knowledge of its clients’ goals and business practices.

LMC attorneys and paralegals are well versed in the applicable laws and litigation procedures of every state and all federal courts, and LMC performs the initial drafting of pleadings and other litigation documents. These practices, along with other aspects of LMC’s unique and proven approach, result in substantial savings of litigation expenses.

LMC partners and aligns interests with its clients through its business model which incents LMC to operate efficiently and to apply its efforts in a practical way to achieve not only the best, but also the most cost effective results for its clients. This partnership is achieved through LMC’s fixed fee billing approach and tried and tested system of tracking litigation outcomes that shifts the risk of increased litigation expenses to LMC, while also providing demonstrable evidence of the quality of the litigation results.

LMC’s clients include Servpro, IRT, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, and LMC handles all of its clients’ litigation matters, including motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, food borne illness, assault, wrongful death, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, construction and business litigation cases. LMC also directs pre-litigation investigations in cases involving catastrophic injuries to ensure that when a lawsuit is filed, all defenses and privileges have been preserved.

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February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

The 2d DCA ruled that it was proper to subpoena Dr. Scott Katzman's surgery center internal cost structure information as it was relevant to establishing a claim of unreasonableness of charges for medical services. The 2d DCA remanded the case to the trial court to conduct an in camera review to determine if the documents were protected as trade secrets and if so, to enter an appropriate confidentiality order.

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