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Bruce G. Tucker

Bruce Tucker

Position: Managing Attorney

Phone: 401-843-8400, ext. 100

Fax: 401-843-8401

Email: btucker@legalmgt.com

Mr. Tucker has an extended history in active, participatory litigation management.

In the past decade as more and more large corporate entities assume significant retained risk, a need for outside counsel to actively and efficiently investigate, manage and resolve claims and related litigation while restraining both expense and indemnity costs became clear.

Mr. Tucker acted as National Coordinating Counsel for Owens Corning in its asbestos property damage litigation and as Regional Coordinating Counsel and senior trial counsel in the personal injury litigation.

In the course of the overwhelming volume of asbestos litigation, Tucker’s firm partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to develop tactics and strategies by which a client faced with claims and resulting litigation arising out of its course of business would standardize and articulate its position and philosophy to various courts across the country in a uniform, comprehensive and forthcoming manner.

Since 2001, Mr. Tucker has developed management strategies and programs by which corporations with significant SIR’s (pharmacy chain, regional financial institution and national/international restaurant companies) manage and resolve their self-insured litigation in an efficient, comprehensive and cost effective manner while protecting the brand.

The key features of an LMC litigation management program are:

  • LMC/client alignment of interests.
  • Fixed annual cost.
  • Data collection designed to measure performance.
  • Totally transparent relationship.
  • Real time client access to all litigation files.
  • Defined service expectations.


  • Boston College, JD
  • University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Business Administration

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February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

The 2d DCA ruled that it was proper to subpoena Dr. Scott Katzman's surgery center internal cost structure information as it was relevant to establishing a claim of unreasonableness of charges for medical services. The 2d DCA remanded the case to the trial court to conduct an in camera review to determine if the documents were protected as trade secrets and if so, to enter an appropriate confidentiality order.

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